Wizard 101 Crown Generator

Wizard101 Crown Generator

Wizard101 crown generator is a brand new hack tool that allows any players to generate millions of crowns within seconds. Our team of programmers have made sure that every player is safe with the anti-ban protection and proxies.  Crowns are used to unlock majority things in game and are vital to success of every player. Normally players have to use real money to purchase crowns on the official wizard101 website. Lucky for you, thanks to Wizard101 crown generator you will never have to spend your hard earned money ever again.

Wizard101 Crown Generator

Note: you can generate a max of 100,000 crowns each day.

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Wizard101 is a very popular game that was launched in 2008, where the players play in a fictional universe with many worlds. The game has an in game currency which consists of crowns. Crowns can be used to to purchase membership, and unlock access to different areas of the game. As the players progress, more worlds become available to them. Players level up from levels of novice, apprentice, intiate, journeyman, adept and magus. The maximum level that can be obtained in the game is 100.

The combat system in Wizard101 is turn based, where gauging your enemy’s health is the key to winning. As opponents gain more health, you are required to cast more stronger spells in order to defeat your opponents. Group attacking becomes more critical towards the later stages of the game. Attacking the same target allows players to reduce single opponent’s health more effectively, allowing your team to take out their targets much faster.

Player interaction in Wizard101 heavily differs from other MMORPGs. There are different types of chats including Menu chat, Open chat, Text Chat, and Private chat. In Private chats, players can communicate privately without any player seeing their chat. In the Text chat, players text other players. The Open chat is only available to players 18 and older as it is designed to fit an adult audience. For players under 13 years of age, parents are required to activate settings for interactions.


How to use Wizard101 Crown Generator:

1) Enter your Wizard101 Username

2) Enter the number of crowns you want

3) Choose if you want to use antiban protection(recommended)

4) Choose if you want to use proxies

5) Click on Generate

6) Log into Wizard101 and verify that you have the amount of crowns that you wantNote: Sometimes there is a glitch in the system and the crowns don’t generate. The reported success rate is 92%. If you don’t see the crowns, simply repeat the steps above.

Status: ONLINE Last checked 22 minutes ago

November 6 2014 We received over 500 requests for new features on our Facebook page so, for the November update we are bringing in the Faster Hack. Also we managed to push the crown a bit more so now you will need to use the Wizard 101 cheat tool maybe once every few months.

September 30, 2014 After burning some midnight oil we are back. After doing a few different tests with different accounts everything seems to be OK. Next on the to do list is to add some more features to the cheat tool.

September 18, 2014 Wizard 101 changed the game server addresses. Trying to find the IP addresses of the new servers. Untill then the Wizard 101 hack is not working.

September 14, 2014 First version online. You can generate up to 10.000 Crown. Trying to find a way to push the generated values a bit higher, but we have to figure out the verification strings first.

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