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Unlimited crowns at absolutely no cost? Yes, FOR REAL!


Wizard 101 crown generator can give you unlimited crowns in the massive multiplayer online role-playing game Wizard101. The Wizard101 crown generator can generate any amount of crowns you want. Our Wizard101 crown generator is being updated every week so you guys can be assured it’s working!
This generator is totaly free, you don’t need to pay a single dime to use it! You can also share it with your friends or if you want you can rule Wizard101 all by yourself!
We made the Wizard101 crown generator so that anyone can play this game for totally free and have the best experience in it without having to pay anything!
We’ve always hated the fact that some people that pay have more features in the game then us, who don’t. So we decided to build the Wizard101 crown generator so that everyone that is playing this game can enjoy it to its fullest potential. And this game does have a lot of potential.
So, guys if you would like crowns in Wizard101, you have 2 options, to pay for them, or use our Wizard101 crown generator and have unlimited number of crowns!

1. You can purchase crowns. This method is obviously the fastest way to get a load of crowns, but who wants to pay alot of money for crowns? Nobody I know.

2. You can use our Wizard101 crown generator
The Wizard101 community is very unhappy with the purchase crowns method and have been looking for a way to get crowns quickly but without having to pay for them. It’s the reason why you’re here isn’t it? To find out a way to get crowns for free. Well I can help you. If you download the Wizard101 CG you will be able to generate unlimited amount of crowns in no time! Keep reading to find out how.

By downloading the Wizard101 CG we use the latest “Zih” technology that people use now to hack the new games. Not everyone knows about this new technology.

This Wizard101 CG  is the latest and greatest generator/hack for Wizard101 crowns to date. With just a click of a button, you can get yourself 100,000 crowns for free or even more (However I need to tell you that if you use numbers that are too big you might be forever bugged from the game) . Thats why we recommend to use maximum about 50,000 crowns and to not add new ones before you spend them. That’s right, with this new Wizard101 Crown Generator, you can get 50,000 or even more crowns fast, free, and easily.

You may be wondering how this is possible. Let me tell you, this may seem too good to be true, but trust me, this is 100% legit, working, and real. I (and my team) have created very good Wizard101 Crown Generator as I already mentioned above, it uses advanced technology and it’s UNDETECTABLE which means your account is 100% safe. What this is is a bot that can generate crowns to your account for free. Wizard101 has a glitch that we found and we exploited that glitch to create this crowns generator that can quickly give your account loads of crowns for free.

This crown generator is very easy to use as you can see. Once you have downloaded and installed it, all you need to do is be logged into Wizard101 set up the options and click ‘generate’. This crown generator is very fast. It use to take 8 minutes to give your account the crowns. Now you can get your crowns in less then 2 minutes! Much much faster then before.

The generator didn’t just get faster. It got safer. Are you worried that Wizard101 will find out you used a bot to get your crowns? Worry NOT! This updated version of the Wizard101 hack leaves NO footprint. There is absolutely NO WAY Wizard101 can figure out you used this bot. It’s 100% safe guaranteed. We tested this bot on over 200 different accounts and none of them have gotten banned. All accounts are safe and still work to this day! You have nothing to worry about. You can generate 50,000 credits as many times as you want if you use it. This bot can be used unlimited times but we recommend you don’t generate over 50,000 crowns a week.

The hack is completely free so you have nothing to lose trying it, only to gain unlimited crowns in Wizard101. Why would you be behind some other people in the same game when you can be FAR FAR ahead of them? Using our hack with the latest coding on the market you can assure your unlimited crowns all at no cost to you. You might wonder how are we able to do this and to make it work. Well I suggest you to watch our latest video and you will find out. This generator took us lot of time to put in together, but once we made it it’s here now and it’s not going anywhere. However be sure you download it as soon as you can because Wizard101 might update and the generator might not work anymore. The Generator is working perfect today, if you have any problems please contact us and we will make sure we update the generator as soon as we can. Sometimes, people will tell you to give them your account username and password and that they will give you crowns. Do NOT listen to them. They will steal your account if you do this! Instead we suggest you to use our Wizard101 Crown Generator at absolutely no cost!